-From the roof to the cliff-

Fifth episode of Subquester, as part of Janomax's residency
on Internet public radio.
is an ongoing project curated by Jeanne Gilbert.

Ode to alternative quests, the « unnecessary » ones.
Wandering without directions.
Follow the sinuous and hazardous path
of one anonymous [sub]quester.
An entity that pursues a parallel quest,
netted into a bigger shell.
The [sub]quest is a free itinerary,
whose paths are sinuous and offers multiple ways.
Its destination is undetermined —
the Subquester entity only has to keep going.

For each show, a friend is invited to collaborate.
Starting from a given .blend file,
every participant is invited to freely translate
the sounds into a visual environment.

From the roof to the cliff, is a four-handed creation :
a collective selection of tracks built into a mix by Anna and Jeanne.
The following environment was created and imagined by Anna.
It is the fifth portal of Subquester's realm.
Other portals will be unlocked soon.


-To drift along the mix,
click on the flag to pursue your journey,
click on the video to activate the sound-